The Burqa and the Marquis de Sade

After reading Dedeene’s post today about the burqa I started delving into the “art” of slavery. Came across this amazing quote which really sums it up in ONE sentence. (yes, read it again, it is one sentence)

What is more amazing is the man who said it. No matter, I am putting it on the frigo!

“Never may an act of possession be exercised upon a free being; the exclusive possession of a woman is no less unjust than the possession of slaves; all men are born free, all have equal rights: never should we lose sight of those principles; according to which never may there be granted to one sex the legitimate right to lay monopolizing hands upon the other, and never may one of the sexes, or classes, arbitrarily possess the other.”

-Marquis De Sade

Kristi Anderson is the orignal owner of Tea & Tattered Pages and now runs a bed and breakfast near Orléans.

kristi anderson

le saint jacques le coin perdu

15, place de l’église

45240 Ligny le Ribault

Sologne Loire Valley



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