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The Befores become the Afters

April 6, 2010

In November 2009 I wrote a post …and I’ll never do that again! showing the “before & after” photos of the renovation.  Unfortunately I didn’t even think of taking the real before photos showing it as a dilapidated restaurant and inn so the “before” photos are actually the “during” photos.

 Never mind all that because the fire has changed everything. Well, not everything the “during” photos stay the same but the “after” renovation photos have become the “before” the fire photos and the “after” the fire photos will become the “before” photos for the renovation to come! Complicated non?!  It is easy if we just look at some photos.

 The house 

  ….way before I bought it

                                                                     When I bought it     

….after new windows, doors, shutters and roof

                                                                                   During the fire


And this “after the fire” photo becomes the “before renovation” photo

Going through these photos have brought back all the blood, sweat and tears that went into the five years that it took us to renovate the house.

  And, Samantha Alexandra and I lived in it during it all!

 and Raggy!

 With both Alexandra and Samantha at college next year 

at least they won’t have to live thru it again! 

And I am not quite if I will be up to it! Oh, no, I’m going to get maudlin… where is that French therapy….?

Kristi Anderson is the orignal owner of Tea and Tattered Pages and until February 6, 2010 ran a bed and breakfast near Orléans.

kristi anderson

le saint jacques le coin perdu

15, place de l’église

45240 Ligny le Ribault


Sushi and her new friends

April 5, 2010

Now while the washing machine doesn’t work–it shoots out water from the seams! And the electric stove/oven is erratic at best, just 25 little, tiny meters –I think about 60 feet is this…

and this…

So I don’t complain that much when I have to take Sushi on her walks–and, yes, I also carry a doggy bag.

 But guess who loves it, whines at the door, and wags her tail like I haven’t seen since the fire. YES  Sushi!

 First because there is water.

Where there is water there are      Ducks!

Who spots the ducks?

and who spots Sushi?

I am just sorry I couldn’t get them together in one photo it was pretty funny.  The ducks just didn’t give a hoot about Sushi and I.  So we went on our merry way.

Kristi Anderson is the orignal owner of Tea and Tattered Pages and until February 6, 2010 ran a bed and breakfast near Orléans.

kristi anderson

le saint jacques le coin perdu

15, place de l’église

45240 Ligny le Ribault

Pissing cows and missing me

April 3, 2010

Has been anybody truly missed me?  I hope so.  Anyway tell me so I feel good.  This is the first day that I am in the new apartment and with internet!  It has taken this long to get organised!

 Since I have been back in France I have been on a roller coaster of, not only moods, but temperatures as well. 

When we left France on February 26th we left behind freezing temperatures of -6°C to arrive to a balmy 18°C in Santa Barbara.  Granted we did have two days where it rained like vaches qui pissent–we would say cats and dogs but, really, don’t you think the idea of pissing cows much more picturesque? –sorry couldn’t find any clip art for that image.

 When we arrived back on March 6th it wasn’t just the march winds that hit us  in the face

 it was the -8° C!

  But finally Spring has sprung!  The birds are chirping, rabbits are frolicking (wish I were!) and flowers are blooming!


  The first thing on my agenda was to find Samantha and I, and, of course, Sushi, a place to live. It wasn’t so easy.

 Samantha goes to school in Orléans which is a 20 minute drive from our Coin Perdu, she is a Senior and will be taking her  BAC (Something like our SATs to receive your high school diploma).  It is an extremely difficult examination and with classes from 8am to 6pm I wanted to find something in Orléans where Sam wouldn’t have to get up at 6am and come home at 8pm.  I also didn’t want to buy any furniture as I don’t know where I will be living in six months.

Sooooo….Orléans isn’t exactly Paris, there isn’t a whole lot of choice with furnished apartments.  I was finding only furnished studios.  I do love Samantha but the two of us in 25m2…thank you very much but no.

 But that wasn’t the only problem; the French are very big on justicatif de domicile (proof of address)–why, when you are looking for an address to live you have to prove you are already living at an address?! and we were SDF-sans domicile fixe (homeless). They also like proof that you have revenue, etc, etc all of which I had none. 

  I tried showing them the picture of my office.But that didn’t even work.

 That I called in the troops, in this case, AXA, my insurance company.  They wrote a letter guaranteeing the lease, then I wrote a check for four months in advance then I had the key!

 It’s not exactly le coin perdu but it will be our home for at least four months.

I’ve “planted” my herb garden. 

I finally have internet and now it isn’t letting me download my photos!!!!!  Am I allowed a gros mot – swear word!

It’s working!!! Voila my herb garden!

And the two armchairs I “saved” from the fire.

and of course, Sushi’s cushion in front of the fireplace.

Kristi Anderson is the orignal owner of Tea and Tattered Pages and until Februrary 6, 2010 ran a bed and breakfast near Orléans.

kristi anderson

le saint jacques le coin perdu

15, place de l’église

45240 Ligny le Ribault

Saint Valentine in a Coin Perdu

February 5, 2010







Samedi 13 février 2010

20h au Coin Perdu à Ligny le Ribault


Venez en Ange ou en Démon écouter les poésies angéliques et les contes diaboliques de Diane et Jean-claude tout en savourant un festin aphrodisiaque!

Menu 25 euros

 Kir Valentin Oeuf poché “red & black”

Poulet au miel et gingembre Riz safrané

 Saladade d’endives aux noix

Olivet proivré

Tarte au chocolat noir

 1/4 vin Café ou Thé

 Soirée organisée par Kristi Anderson et l’Association Caméléon


Kristi Anderson is the orignal owner of Tea & Tattered Pages and now runs a bed and breakfast in Sologne, Loire Valley, near Orléans.

le saint jacques le coin perdu

15, place de l’église

45240 Ligny le Ribault

Hello world!

February 4, 2010


I have arrived! At least with WordPress that is.  I am going test out this blog. I have had so much trouble trying to edit the others.  For this one we will see…  so far, I like my photo in the header and wasn’t  so hard to put it there.


a fall day in sologne, loire valley

        Flower shop window in winter                                      
I am now trying to see how I insert my photos……hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..not so easy.  I am losing them, they are flying off to unknown places…..back in a sec, I am off to my dashboard!  …back and I realise  what you don’t see and I do is the “fall photo” is at the bottomof the page while I am editing but when I publish it is just where I want it!! How am I supposed to know that? I am outta here for the day.  France is normal, a train strike and grey clouds!
kristi anderson
bed and breakfast
15 place de l’église
45240 ligny le ribault
sologne loire valley